“Foresight 2022:Foreword” Recap

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3 min readDec 3, 2022

On October 26th, “Foresight 2022: Foreword” was co-sponsored by Foresight Ventures and Foresight News and held at JW Hotel in the Shanghai Tower. The reinvigorated cities reunite to begin the prelude to a new chapter of Web3.

At this event, we have invited dozens of industry leaders, top VC investors, artists, and cutting-edge forces in the industry. We have conducted in-depth roundtable discussions on a series of hot topics such as blockchain development history, investment, Metaverse, and NFT art. In the current intersection of Web2 and Web3, we encourage the guest speaker and audience to have diverse ways of thinking, find inspiration and opportunities from the existing business, explore what has not been discussed before, and discover the recent trend and innovations.

In the first roundtable discussion “OG VS NewWave”, we have freelance investor Alex, PKU Blockchain president OxAA, and BuilderDao joint founder Chen Jian sharing their stories in the encryption field and their expectations for the new generation leaders in the industry.

In the second roundtable discussion “Finding Web3 Killer DApps”, our guest speakers Sky9 Capital Partner Vincent Niu, RedlineDAO Founder Li Yongmin, Animoca Ventures’ Jenny, Aptos Asia Pacific Director HC, and Mystery Labs Asia Pacific Developer Relations Director Henry jointly explored the web3 development and trends.

The third roundtable discussion “Infrastructure Variance and Invariance, Nischal Shetty, founder of Shardeum, Micheal Wuehler, co-founder of ConsenSys Infura, Matt Sorg, head of product and technology at Solana, and Alexander Pack, partner of Hack VC, discussed the changes in the Web3 infrastructure development.

In the fourth roundtable discussion “Decoding Metaverse’s Empowerment and Layout”, Xu Yinglong, CEO of Collin Capital, Zhang Yuanjie, Director of Web3 Business Development of Conflux; Michael, CEO of Xterio; and Yang Yexin, founder of Tianyukong, discussed their respective projects, companies structure, and artists progress in the metaverse, as well as the future metaverse games, Social business model and traditional enterprises’ plan in entering into Web3.

In the last panel discussion, Zheng Xiaochao, vice president of Jinqiu Fund Investment; Tang Yi, executive director of Qiming Venture Capital; Jocy, founder partner of IOSG, and Xiao Xiao, an investment partner of HashKey, shared their successful investment cases and strategies, as well as the crucial future market opportunities.

Despite a bleak outlook, the Chinese community kept raising, the industry attracted long-time users and prospective new entrants to explore the many avenues of the preeminent cryptocurrency. The attendees traveled from various parts of the world to find out how the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve in the ever-growing cryptocurrency ecosystem during the Foresight Ventures event in Shanghai.



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