Foresight Hosted “The Revolution of Web3 Culture and Entertainment” during LA blockchain week

Foresight Ventures
3 min readNov 11, 2022

On November 4th, Foresight hosts its LA community event with an unforgettable experience at Soho Warehouse Studio LA, on the topic of “The revolution of Web3 culture and entertainment” co-hosted by Krypton, Chainlink, Emojam, and Brick by Brick.

There were 4 panels and 1 fireside chat with 2 special curated demo shows in between:

We had a full house of blockchain builders and startup innovators, co-creating this memory with Foresight together.

For those who furthured our knowledge and imagination about the future of Web3 entertainment through the theme discussion and Metaverse AR live demo, this experience will guide more innovators into the world of immutable, unstoppable, interoperable decentralization.

The current market fluctuation got us to think a lot about what could we do to rebuild community trust in the crypto industry, we are launching an accelerator and academy program to provide open access to blockchain innovation and our ecosystem resources, and at the same time, we are dedicated to bridging our existing global network to the new partnership in the future. Foresight believes we all are heading to a future world of immutable, unstoppable, interoperable decentralization, which has been rooted in our investment and research thesis since Foresight has been founded.

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Foresight Ventures is dedicated to backing the disruptive innovation of blockchain for the next few decades. We manage multiple funds: a VC fund, an actively-managed secondary fund, a multi-strategy FOF, and a private market secondary fund, with AUM exceeding $400 million. Foresight Ventures adheres to the belief of “Unique, Independent, Aggressive, Long-Term mindset” and provides extensive support for portfolio companies within a growing ecosystem. Our team is composed of veterans from top financial and technology companies like Sequoia Capital, CICC, Google, Bitmain and many others.




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