The revolution of Web3 Culture and Entertainment during LA blockchain Summit

To our fantastic Foresight community,

We wish to thank you for your interest in our event on November 4th, we will represent the unforgettable experience of “The revolution of Web3 culture and entertainment” hosted by Foresight Ventures, co-hosted by Krypton, Chainlink, Emojam, and Brick by Brick.

Big thanks to all the local LA team and whom travelled all the way to LA for this special event:

We wish to introduce you to the special Soulbound NFT for this event’s guests, claim your NFT with your RSVP email address:, provided by the FirstBatch team. As one of the projects in the Foresight ecosystem, it has been growing fast with the partnership with various DID use cases.

We are very excited to share with you the agenda and guest speakers, artists, and creators who will be presenting at the event:

6:30 pm-6:55 pm First Panel: Creator economy and Entertainment Elements in the Metaverse?

6:55 pm-7:05 pm Live demo presented by Illust

7:05 pm-7:30 pm Second Panel: How do Future infrastructure and Chainlink Build programs attract builders in Web3?

7:30 pm-7:55 pm Third Panel: On-chain social media: How will socialfi change our way of social interaction?

7:55 pm-8:15 pm Metaverse demo show presented by SnowX and Tounne

8:15 pm-8:40 pm Fourth Panel: Future gaming development: how to optimize the UX for gamefi users?

8:40 pm-9:00 pm Fireside chat: How to Bridge Web3 with the entertainment industry?

9:00 pm-10:30 pm Closing Speech by Jordan Isreal from Brick by Brick, Cocktail networking

Our RSVP is closed now, check our event page for details:


Foresight Ventures Fam

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