Foresight Ventures: Composability is Decomposing

Composability is Great…?

The great composability! Composability brings us Money Lego (standards like ERC-20 and OpenZepplin), Financial Lego (combinations of DeFi protocols), and Media Lego (NFT).

Composability === Complexity of Development and UX

Composability === More Risky Software Dependencies

Composability often means that some projects must be depending on other projects in order to run, and this is the risk of software dependency.

Composability === Domino of Open Source

Following on from the composability causing dependencies problem in the previous section, this long list of dependencies actually turns composable Lego into Dominoes.

Composability === DAO with Disadvantages More Disadvantageous

This is the year of DAO, again. DAO has become the default practice of setting up the community.

Composability === Financial Bubble on Steroids

I believe it goes without saying that the dangers of composability in the traditional sense of a financial bubble.




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