Foresight Ventures Hosted Web3 Workshop during Standford Blockchain Conference

The Standford Blockchain Conference took place from 29–31 Aug 2022, focusing on technical innovations in the blockchain ecosystem and bringing together researchers and practitioners working in the space.

On 31 August 2022 5–7 pm, Foresight partnered with iZumi Finance, ACSSS and Edudao, along with special guests from Polygon, Celo, Overealitylabs, Project Galaxy, and Cyberconnect, and hosted a full house panel&workshop at Standford University on the topic of The Trends and Opportunities of Web3 Tech.

Attendees at the event

The panel is hosted by the VP of Foresight Ventures Stella Xu, and she gave an overall review of the background of the web3 investment environment and introduced the investment thesis of Foresight Ventures.

VP of Foresight Ventures-Stella Xu

The first workshop was hosted by the associate professor from New York University-Xi Chen, his research area focus is AI for SaaS & E-commerce, FinTech, Web3 (Infra, DeFi, and Tokenomics), and he shared his special insight on the current market analysis and future opportunities in Web3.

Xichen- Associate Professor from NYU Stern

The second workshop’s speaker is Nikhil Raghuveera, who is the Head of Strategy & Innovation at the Celo Foundation, he uses case studies to illustrate how to Build a Regenerative Economy with DeFi, by explaining that today’s global financial system is extractive and exploitative, therefore a new economic paradigm is needed, he believes that DeFi can help the public to achieve this by creating a regenerative economic system in which capital promotes a healthy planet, addresses systemic social and wealth inequality, encourages shared value and ownership, and empowers people and communities to thrive.

Nikhil Raghuveera-Head of Strategy & Innovation at the Celo Foundation

At the third workshop, Researcher at iZUMi Finance-Ryan Chen presented a topic on New paradigm for asset management: DeFi On-chain fund. From his presentation, he started with a new concept and took a look at the emerging market segment: DeFi on-chain fund. It will bring a new fund management model with open, permissionless, secure and transparent features.

iZumi Finance have collected over 60 projects from the market to provide user with a comprehensive view on on-chain asset management and an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges in this market segment.

Researcher at iZUMi Finance-Ryan Chen

The last workshop is hosted by Siraj Raval, he is leading the Developer Education at Polygon, he shared his experience of Building Educational Tools for Web3, explained how modern AI and blockchain tools can provide developer with a better educational resources and more efficient learning strategies.

Siraj Raval from Polygon

During the panel discussion on Where’s the Demand for Crypto, we have five guests Cofounder at CyberConnect-Ryan Li, Founder of Project Galaxy-Charles Wayn, Founder and CEO of Overeality Labs.-Abner Jia, Co-Founder of –Zongjian(Jack) He and Co-Founder of Euterpe — Charles Cheng. The panel discussion was about the future of Web3, where the mass adoption came, what kind of NFT utility NFT and on-chain credentials we would expect. All the guests eloborated their perspectives and they are quite positive about the direction that web3 is heading towards at the moment, also the growth of the web3 industry will be consistent and steady during this special market cool-down.

Panel discussion

About Foresight Ventures

Foresight Ventures is dedicated to backing the disruptive innovation of blockchain for the next few decades. We manage multiple funds: a VC fund, an actively-managed secondary fund, a multi-strategy FOF, and a private market secondary fund, with AUM exceeding $400 million. Foresight Ventures adheres to the belief of “Unique, Independent, Aggressive, Long-Term mindset” and provides extensive support for portfolio companies within a growing ecosystem. Our team is composed of veterans from top financial and technology companies like Sequoia Capital, CICC, Google, Bitmain and many others.


iZUMi Finance

iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS). Its philosophy is that every token deserves a better on-chain liquidity in an efficient and lasting way. Deployed on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum, iZUMi has provided liquidity services for BitDAO and 10+ protocols, and managed over $60M liquidity from reputable institutions and 8,000 individual LPs. As our name “iZUMi” in Japanese signifies, our ultimate goal is to help every partner and token to enjoy on-chain liquidity like spring water, continuous and long-lasting for centuries.




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Foresight Ventures is a blockchain technology-focused investment firm, focusing on identifying disruptive innovation opportunities that will change the industry