Foresight Ventures launched its incubation program to bring more VC partners and investments into Web3 during Consensus2022 Austin

Foresight Ventures
4 min readJun 15, 2022


Foresight team participated in CoinDesk’s Consensus 2022, one of the biggest crypto & blockchain festival experiences of the year in Austin, TX this June 9–12.

Right before the Consensus, the Dcentral conference took place at Long Performing Center from 7th till 8th June, it is the largest community-based, multi-chain crypto and Web3 events facilitator focusing on DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and DAOs. Our aim has always been to educate and bring together the builders, developers, and communities around the world to meet, learn, share ideas, and discuss the biggest and most pressing issues affecting the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

Dcentralcon Panel

Foresight Ventures team was at Bitkeep’s booth to help navigate the audience to understand the updated features of this special, lean, and innovative web3 wallet. Foresight aims to educate and provide mentorship to early-stage founders and innovators to get on our newly launched incubation program, giving them access to in-house technical experts, experienced entrepreneur cohorts, and strong venture capital networks.

Starting on 9th June, the Consensus Conference hosted by Coindesk has featured panels and interviews from some of the most prominent industry professionals such as Greyscale, Fidelity, Facebook, and PayPal, regulators such as a senator from the US senate, a deputy from the US Department of the Treasury, along with crypto pioneers from FTX, Circle, Polygon, Gala Games, Galaxy Digital, etc.

Foresight started incubating its media arms, which is Foresight News established in 2022, the team is growing fast across different continents to cover different languages and regional insightful crypto news.

On the evening of 11th June, Foresight hosted invite-only ‘The Wild West Crypto Cocktail Party’ at Parkside restaurant next to the ACC main conference. With the support of our VC partner Outlier Ventures and Kucoin Ventures, as well as the prominent projects led by Bitget and Bit keep, we accommodated more than 250 people in the venue, many of our start-up founder networks came from all over the world to celebrate their success and founding journey of this year, had a round of visionary and meaningful discussion with the founders who participated in ETH Denver, ETH Global and Gitcoin 13th and 14th hackathon and grant round.

Consensus 2022 Awards and Web 3 Pitch Fest started on the 8th and all winners were announced by CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer Michael Casey. For the full announcement, please check:

Here was Michael Casey’s initial plan regarding the no-brainer ambitious story-telling plan of Coindesk back in 2019, up till today, this plan works great to attract enormous financial institutions, Venture capitalists, token legal professionals, and media opinion leaders to this crypto fest.

“In this vibrant, ever-changing industry, there is much to talk about. While mainstream media has focused on the sideshow of cryptocurrency markets, engineers have been developing innovative solutions to blockchain technology’s scaling, security and other challenges, paving the way for what looks like its prime-time moment. High-profile companies such as Facebook and JP Morgan, as well as sovereign states like China, are directly employing hybrid, permissioned versions of the technology, setting up a conflict with the more radical, permissionless vision of bitcoin and its offspring. ”

For more recap information, please visit the official website of Coindesk:

About Foresight Ventures

Foresight Ventures believes crypto will define the next few decades of innovation. The fund invests early and makes decisions quickly, providing wide-ranging support for projects from its robust ecosystem that includes major market players crypto exchange Bitget and crypto wallet BitKeep. Its founding and partnership team includes veterans of some of the top financial and technology firms dedicated to sourcing and supporting the next generation of disruptive innovations across Web3.






Foresight Ventures

Foresight Ventures is a blockchain technology-focused investment firm, focusing on identifying disruptive innovation opportunities that will change the industry