Foresight Ventures partnered with Aves Lair to launch its AvesHack 2022 across the world, to foster the greater developments in the new Aptos ecosystem

Foresight Ventures
3 min readSep 19, 2022

NEW YORK, NY, September 16, 2022 — Foresight Ventures will cohost an IRL Kickoff/Networking event in New York with Aves Lair and its VC partners, starting at 11:00 am on September 19th, 2022. The event will be held at Flatiron Loft on Wednesday, September 19th & 20th. The anchor of the event, AvesHack NYC 2022 will gather crypto leaders, operators, builders, and investors to participate in a full two days of conversations with networking focused solely on the MOVE language in anticipation of Aptos mainnet launch.

More than 100 Global Developers will bring interactive discussions, live hands-on product demonstrations, and technical workshops to provide an opportunity for one on one meetings with leaders in the space. This will be in a hybrid model where developers will focus their skills to work on their technology, APIs, subgraph and It will be an interactive community featuring growth and solutions in the ecosystem. All sessions will be live, posted then set for vial distributions to communities interested in the Aptos global hackathon.

One of the highlights of AvesHack 2022 is a $100k price pool. Winners of the online hackathon will be determined by a panel of judges which include sponsors and industry leaders. Prize winners will be announced one week after the event. In addition to cash prizes, the winners will receive 1 on 1 meetings with VCs, fast-tracked into the Ave Lair accelerator/incubation program, and more.

Additionally, Aves Lair and Foresight Ventures are proud to present the Move Education Series, designed as sessions for developers and teams to engage and learn The Move Coding language. The Move Education Series will happen via four zoom sessions with Aptos training mentors to give their knowledge base showing how to master the Move code for fast and efficient coding to support the Aptos Developer Ecosystem for ADE.

AvesHack NYC 2022 Opportunities will Include:

  • Dedicated session during on Foresight Ventures Twitter, Aves Lair TikTok, Twitter Spaces, Meta/Instagram, and YouTube
  • Each team will be able to share its project ethos with a highly engaged community.

If you want to participate in the virtual hackathon as a project competing for the $100,000 prize pool kindly register on Aves Lair’s website .

“We believe in the Aptos team and community to build a network and foundation that sets the standards for the global ecosystem. Our mission is to align ourselves with founders, developers, and funds in order to aggregate the community into a singular language that moves Aptos as well as Aves Lair towards the future.” said Francis Berwa, managing partner at Aves Lair

Top blockchain companies like Evernew Capital, LD Capital, Bixin Ventures, Sanctor Capital, Shima Capital, Foresight Ventures, BKCoin Capital, Huobi Ventures, Uphonest Capital, Pontem Network, Blocto, Koinos, Super Moon Camp, QuickNode, and DoraHacks are among AvesHack’s partners. Reputable media companies like Tech Flow, Foresight News, Cointelegraph, and Light Node Media are also involved.

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