Foresight Ventures:「Unified to Divided」Modular Blockchain and Data Availability Layer

0. Rollup’s Bottleneck

1. Blockchain’s Modularity

a) Four Modules in Two Layers

b) Modularity Trends from Evolution of Web

c) Why Modularize?

d) Different implementations of Modularity?

e) Impact of Modularity Concept

2. DA Layer

a) What is DA?

b) Current Data Availability

c) Archived Data Availability

3. Modular App-chain Design

a) DA Layer Landscape

b) Execution Layer Landscape

c) Consensus Layer Landscape

4. Thoughts about Modular Solutions

a) Further Exploration

b) Demand and Supply

c) Security

d) Experience

e) Divided to United

5. Conclusion

About Foresight Ventures

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