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Onboard To The Future Decentralized Society Hacker House and Foresight DeSoc Summit, hosted by Foresight X, have just successfully concluded in Istanbul. Centered around the theme of DeSoc, we invited over 30 developers, founders and industry leaders to delve into four tracks with us: Social Relations, Live and Play, Co-living with AI, and Public Goods.

The Foresight Hacker House in Istanbul received more than 100 applications and we accepted 17 exceptional resident hackers. They have built award-winning projects, including first place at Starknet, Celestia’s Best Project, Best on Scroll, the best Interchain app on Hyperlane, and more. (Details of the winning projects will be listed below).

Why DeSoc (Decentralized Society) ?

Harness the potential of decentralization and reimagine social relations, human interactions, public goods, and beyond.

At Foresight Ventures, we firmly believe that crypto extends beyond mere asset and data ownership or autonomy. It embodies a new world powered by blockchain, marked by genuine openness and self-sovereignty.

With this perspective, we organized the “Foresight DeSoc Hacker House” and “Foresight DeSoc Summit” in Istanbul to explore new social graphs, interaction methods, and potential solutions to societal problems in a future decentralized society.

Foresight Ventures has invested in several companies like Phaver, Space ID, Orb, Story Protocol, Mocaverse, and others. These investments aim to reshape the social landscape from a centralized world. Additionally, we’ve invested in the underlying decentralized tech stack, including Ethstorage, Hyper Oracle, DappOS, Polyhedra among others, to support the DeSoc vision.

Discussion Highlights

Web3 Social: Gaining a Real User Base but Needing to Scale

We are at a point where establishing new social relations in DeSoc is crucial. The era is approaching when we won’t be confined to closed social apps, dictated by opaque algorithms hungry for likes and impressions, and left disheartened when account X disappears without warning.

Foresight has invited the trailblazers in Web3 Social including Lens Protocol, Phaver, Mocaverse, Space ID, and Tioga Capital, to update us on the latest development:

First movers are successfully building a substantial user base. Lens Protocol now has 122,349 unique address accounts and 6,866 daily transactions, with a total of 45 ecosystem projects[1]. Farcaster, another decentralized social network, has 197K total users, 17K connected addresses, and an average of 6,165 casts per day[2]. A permissionless protocol like Lens can supercharge innovation and adoption by supporting 100 teams simultaneously trying to discover the next viral sensation.

Addressing interoperability and ownership issues is paramount. Siloed decentralized platforms have inadvertently given rise to centralized systems for users to establish profile names. What we need is a username that transcends platforms, an interoperable NFT, to link all platforms and maintain a consistent brand presence. Enter Moca ID — a gateway to tap into 450 Animoca portfolio companies, offering a unified identity and social profile with a seamless single sign-on.

Creating gamification and financialization layers on open social graphs are the ways to go to generate a network effect. Projects like Friend.Tech, blending high-quality UX with Web3 primitives, have the potential to attract valuable new users. Mocaverse ID and Phaver, equipped with gamified reward systems that align with genuine user contributions, are poised to retain users.

What’s next? The path forward involves identifying the driving force that overcomes friction for a billion people, and experimenting with unique models for the content creator economy — be it through paid subscriptions, premium content, or ad views. The choice lies between opting for exclusive content monetization like Friend.Tech or creating a more open space, such as Zapper Chainchat with distributed fees for all members, or perhaps a hybrid approach encompassing both.

Foresight Summit Social Panel: Early Adoption of Web3 Social and the Anticipation of Scaling link

Autonomous Worlds workshop: whole-stack dev tool is ready now

We invited the Dojo team to deliver workshops on Autonomous Worlds (AW). By definition, AW refers to a “world with a blockchain substrate” or a “digital planet governed by blockchain rules.” The concept of AW resonates with the DeSoc concept for AW promotes a world where scalable, fully on-chain interactions are ruled by code, making them verifiable and trustless.

Dojo, a community-driven, open-source Provable Game Engine, offers a comprehensive developer toolkit for AW. Sylve from Dojo introduced both the on-chain interface toolchain for model registration, contract deployment, and storage, as well as the off-chain tools. These include the server, sequencer/coprocessor and the design of sovereign rollups. The AW infrastructure inspired Foresight Hacker House residents to develop fully on-chain games and L3 scaling solutions during EthGlobal Istanbul. These will be introduced in the next section.

Dojo workshop @ the Foresight Istanbul Hacker House

Meanwhile, the workshop by Future Primitive team introduced the emerging ECR-6551 standard, which allows NFT as an agent and interact with dapps. This new standard gives every NFT the same rights as Ethereum users, enabling self-custody of assets, executing autonomous actions, controlling multiple independent accounts. The transform of the ownership and higher compatibility of on-chain assets will further propel AW development.

The availability of development tools gave birth to the first batch of fully on-chain games and initial data is being gathered. The key questions moving forward are: what type of game mechanism is suitable for on-chain implementation and what does the future hold for the fully on-chain game’s AMM moment?

Intent and ETH Infra

Intent is the key to bring Web2/CEX like UX and reducing the entry barriers for millions. At the summit, Polyhedra Network, Uniswap, Int3face, dappOS, Anoma, and Hyper Oracle provided an overview of the layered intent stack and its latest development: the underlying TCP/IP like intent communication protocol (e.g. Int3face), paymaster and bundler (e.g.Pimlico), the proposer and builder processing the intent order flows (e.g. Flashbot), the solver market and the user intent transaction interface (e.g. UniswapX). However, guests have highlighted the centralization risk implied by being “intent-centric”, and call for diversity among solvers.

Foresight Summit Intent Panel: Understanding Intent, Its Appearance, and Its Future Link

In another keynote speech by Ethstorage and an infrastructure panel discussion, Protocol Labs, Node Guardians, Lambdaclass, EigenLayer, and Morphism excitedly talks about EIP-4844, the implementation of which will bring down the cost of Ethereum transactions by 10–100 X , unlocks the potential of mass adoption. Additionally, the community has been consistently exploring ZK technology with blockchain. During the workshop, Dr. Cathie from Ethereum Foundation PSE team provided practical directions for development like ZKML AIGC NFTs.

Keynote: EthStorage — Enhancing Rollup Security with Long-Term DA and ZK Fraud Proof Link
Foresight Summit Infra Panel: Ethereum’s Future: Security, Interop, and Decentralized Apps link

DeSci and Public Goods

Both DeSci and public goods emphasize the essential values of fairness and openness, perfectly aligning with the concept of Desoc that we’re pursuing.

DeSci is dedicated to addressing the limitations of scientific innovation, such as misaligned incentives, selective funding, and institutional constraints. In the workshop, Joshua Bate from DeSciWorld discussed decentralizing science and academia using blockchain technologies to eliminate gatekeepers, open up funding, and enhance diversity of opportunity.

Josh, DeSciWorld Workshop at Foresight Istanbul Hacker House

Public goods refer to anything people can’t be barred access, and one person’s use doesn’t degrade another’s such as open-source software. During the summit panel, we invited Consensys, Rari Foundation, Future Primitive, and Gitcoin which are deeply connected to the realm of public goods in Web3 to delve into this domain.

Foresight Summit Public Goods Panel link

Regarding the ways of funding public goods, securing financing, particularly through VC, remains challenging, especially amid market downturns. There’s a pressing need to explore more accessible and open avenues for financing these crucial resources. One potential solution involves investigating sustainable methods, such as implementing voluntary tax initiatives and establishing donation mechanisms aimed at supporting the funding of public goods.

Foresight Hacker House Resident Projects Showcase

1/5 TicTacToe Agent (Winner of 1st Place at Starknet)

TicTacToe Agent introduces an advanced machine learning-powered bot for a game of Tic Tac Toe set within PixeLAW, a blockchain-based pixel landscape. It utilizes on-chain ML inference to enable real-time strategic gameplay, blending nostalgia with the future of gaming technology. Players face a challenging ML bot in a pixel-based world, where the game contract records moves, and the bot responds strategically.


Foresight Ventures comment: TicTacToe Agent is a fascinating blend of classic gaming and advanced blockchain technology. Its use of on-chain ML for real-time strategy offers a unique gaming experience and showcases the potential of integrating machine learning with decentralized applications. The project represents a significant step towards more interactive and intelligent gaming solutions in the blockchain space.

2/5 GoldenGate (Winner of Best on Scroll, 2nd Best on Hyperlane, 2nd Best Interchain App on Hyperlane, Chiliz Pool Prize, Scroll Pool Prize, Arbitrum Pool Prize)

GoldenGate is an innovative bridge protocol that streamlines cross-chain transactions with RFQ (request for quote) style marketplace functionality. It allows users to express structured intents for asset transfers across chains, facilitating limit order-like execution. The protocol simplifies and secures the process of bridging between chains, thereby enhancing user experience.


Foresight Ventures comment: GoldenGate addresses a critical need in the blockchain ecosystem — efficient and secure cross-chain bridging. Its RFQ marketplace approach and structured intent system provide a user-friendly solution to asset transfers between blockchains. This innovation is pivotal in enhancing the liquidity and interoperability of various blockchain networks, making it a valuable addition to the DeFi infrastructure.

3/5 xPay (Winner of EVM Migration Tool Prize, Arbitrum Pool Prize, Deploy on Scroll)

xPay revolutionizes multi-chain transactions by offering real-time cost abstraction through verifiable, off-chain price data. It enables single-click, multi-chain execution using multi-chain intents, applicable in cross-chain gas pricing, constant-price subscriptions, and xTransactions. This system provides a seamless and efficient transaction experience across different blockchain networks.


Foresight Ventures comment: xPay is a game-changer in managing cross-chain transactions. Its ability to abstract costs in real-time and facilitate multi-chain executions with a single click significantly reduces complexity for users. The platform’s innovative approach in handling gas pricing and subscriptions aligns perfectly with the needs of an evolving multi-chain ecosystem, making it a key player in advancing blockchain technology’s usability.

4/5 Cattestation (Winner of Arbitrum Most Original — 1st, Best HaLo Use of Arx — 1st)

Cattestation brings a whimsical concept to blockchain by enabling cats with NFC-enabled collars to attest to human interactions. This playful project allows users to ‘pet and collect’ cats, with each interaction creating a verifiable attestation and the opportunity to mint unique NFTs, adding a fun and interactive dimension to the blockchain experience.


Foresight Ventures comment: Cattestation is a delightful and original project that adds a playful element to blockchain interactions. The concept of allowing cats to participate in blockchain attestations is not only innovative but also creates a unique bridge between physical and digital worlds. This project exemplifies how blockchain technology can be used in creative and engaging ways beyond conventional applications.

5/5 Ephemeral ZK L3 (Winner of Celestia Best Project, Arbitrum Pool Prize, Deploy & Best on Scroll, Polygon Cross-chain/LxLy Bridge implementation)

Ephemeral ZK L3 offers a vertical scaling solution using ZK state channels for Autonomous Worlds. It focuses on scalability, transaction speed, and cost efficiency, allowing users to experience Web2-like gaming in a Web3 environment. This project demonstrates how state channels can be used to aggregate and verify in-game moves using zk-proofs, minimizing on-chain footprints.


Foresight Ventures comment: Ephemeral ZK L3 is a cutting-edge solution addressing key challenges in blockchain scalability and transaction efficiency. Its innovative use of ZK state channels to create a more seamless gaming experience is a significant advancement in the blockchain gaming sector. This project has the potential to greatly enhance the performance and user experience of decentralized applications, making it a noteworthy contribution to blockchain technology’s evolution.

Continued Support

The Foresight Hacker House in Istanbul has concluded, but the momentum won’t stop. Foresight X is committed to providing web3 developers with the most up-to-date research insights, advisory and resource support, and early-stage funding averaging $200,000. This commitment aims to help developers bring their visions to life, propelling the entire crypto industry forward.

Stay informed about our latest updates through various channels, including the Foresight X website, WeChat official account, Foresight News, Twitter, and other media platforms. Prepare yourself for more exciting events on the horizon! We look forward to seeing you again next time!



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